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Welcome! Save the money and get even cleaner water with Watergeneral Reverse Osmosis water system. For even broader protection, whole house water filters are also available for large-scale filtering. Watergeneral provides all RO products and components for your water needs.

Residential customers and online orders please go to FilterDirect for ordering replacement parts and filters for your RO system.

Water purification systems
RD-100,RD-102, RD-106
Drinking Water
Water purification systems
Whole House Filters
Filtration systems: WH-5, WH-20,WH-25, WH-250
Water Softner: WS-150
Dispensing faucet for water filters
Designer faucets
Replacement Filters
RO systems
Whole house filters
Filtration units
Tester & Measurement
Water quality TDS meter
Digital pressure testers
Pressure gauges
Flow meters
Pump & Valves
Whole house pump
Booster pump for RO system
Delivery pump for water transfer
Quick connect fittings
Compression fittings
Components lists for RO systems

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