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Hot water Circulation Pump,Delivery Pump for water transfer,12VDC Pumps , Booster Pump for RO System
Home Pressure System, Home Pressure System with Tank

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Pumps: Application and its Solution
Autocirc 2 Hot Water Circulation Pump
Click here to enlarge

  • Instant hot water circulation pump for homes
  • Instead of waiting for hot water to arrive at the sink, you can now get hot water in seconds.
  • Does not require a hot water return line.
  • Use only 25 watts of power, 110V, 10 feet long power cord.
  • It has a built-in 24hour timer.
  • The pump is easily installed at the water heater, and the valve is installed under the furthest sink.
  • It has a built-in adjustable thermostat at the valve. Temperature setting range is from 92F to 104 F.
  • Use multiple valves for branched pipes.

Part NoProduct DescriptionList Price
ACT202BTW  $245
V202  $63
Demand Pump/Delivery Pump
Click here to enlarge Ice maker/refrigerator or multiple outputs: A great complement to reverse osmosis water systems where multiple outputs and long tubing travel is desired. With built-in pressure switch, so it turns on/off on demand.

Provide pressure and water volume to your ice maker and dispensing faucets.
Part NoProduct DescriptionList Price
755  $85
DPD5800  $95
12VDC Pumps
Click here to enlarge 12VDC pumps with built-in pressure switch, so turns on/off on demand. It can be used in RV, spot sprayer, water transfer.

Shurflo Pump
Part NoProduct DescriptionList Price
SFP-10121GPM@60 psi $80
SFP-18121.8GPM@60 psi $90
SFP-30123GPM@45 psi $100
Booster Pumps
Click here to enlarge Booster pump for Reverse osmosis water systems. It increases the input water pressure to about 70 to 75 psi. To control the operation of the pump automatically, you need additional solenoid valve and pressure switch.

Pressure Switch
Part NoProduct DescriptionList Price
CDP6800  $95
CDP8800  $115
Home Pressure System
Click here to enlarge Increases water pressure in your home for more effective showering, washing and overall water usage. Adjustable pressure setting
  • 40psi boost, up to 26Gal/min.
  • turn on/off automatically

  • Part NoProduct DescriptionList Price
    FP4815Flotec Pump: PressureMate Series 3/4HP
    1" NPT inlet and outlet, 115V, 6-ft cord.
    Home Pressure System w/ Tank
    Click here to enlarge The above Flotec FP4815 + pressure tank will prolong the life of the pump and save electricity. When you use small amount of water in the house like, wash hands, toilets, the pressure tank will provide some water so that the pump doesn’t have to turned on every time you use small amount of water.

    Home Pressure System with Tank Same Flotec Pump #FP4815 with 10 gallons pressure tank.
    Part NoProduct DescriptionList Price
    FP4815TK10  $495
    Solenoid Valve
    Click here to enlarge

    Valve opens when electrically charged
    Part NoProduct DescriptionList Price
    SV-110AC-14  $19
    SV-110AC-38  $29
    SV-24AC-14  $19
    SV-24AC-38  $29
    SV-24DC-14  $19
    SV-24DC-38  $29
    Pressure Switch
    Click here to enlarge

    Normally closed, pressure adjustable
    ON at 30 psi, OFF at 40 psi
    Part NoProduct DescriptionList Price
    PSW-350  $19

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